LOVE & CARE Shoe Care Quick Tips

 If your shoes do get wet, let them dry naturally at room temperature, do not place them next to direct heat, such as a radiator. If your shoes are dirty, clean them first with a clean cloth or brush and never let any dirt to soak into the leather whilst drying. Wet leather will stretch and weaken, it might shrink and become brittle as it dries. The less water absorbed by leather, the longer your shoes will last and the more comfortable you'll be, so make sure to treat your shoes with water repellent at all times.

 Avoid Heat and always keep shoes away from it to prevent the leather from drying out. Leather should be never left in front of direct heat like fire or heater. This overheating will literally cook the leather and cause it to become stiff and brittle. Ensure that dry, room temperature air can circulate inside the shoes or boots.

 Rotate Your Shoes as you do, yours shoes need a day off too. If you want your fine leather shoes to last longer, try not to wear them for two consecutive days.

 New Leather Shoes can feel slightly tight and depending on shoe style as well as leather nature, within few wears it might slightly loosen up to the width or the form of the foot.

 Use a Shoe Horn when putting your shoes on. This saves the heel collar and counter from unnecessary wear. It also prevents rips of more delicate leather.

 White Salt Marks make damage to your shoes and should be rinsed off immediately with a 50/50 mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. Wipe dry, and follow the directions for wet shoes.

 Heel Tips wears down the quickest so should be checked regularly & when the heel tips start to wear down, take them to a good shoe repair shop and have them replaced to avoid further damage to the shoe.

 As the genuine leather lining inside the shoes is always dyed with natural, vegetable based colorant be aware it might stain your feet or your socks.

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