LOVE & CARE Caring For Other Leathers

Patent Leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth using lukewarm water and plain soap. Shine with a dry soft cloth. Please note that patent leather is not resistant to extreme temperature changes. At -10° C patent leather will start cracking and fading.

Suede can be cleaned with a clean soft brush or you can buy special erasers (suede bars) to remove stains and dirt. Raise the nap on suede by applying steam from about 10 inches away for few seconds. Suede looks best when brushed. Special brass-bristle brushes are available to raise the nap after cleaning although a clean toothbrush works just as well. Make sure to waterproof your suede shoes at all times but avoid wet weather.

Nubuck (brushed leather similar to suede, but with a finer nap) - use rubber-bristle brush (not nylon) or a suede bar to clean. Use the suede bar damp to clean and condition, and use the brush to lift the nap. Make sure you treat the shoes with water repellent, nonetheless, we do not recommend wearing nubuck shoes in wet weather.

Fabric shoes can be cleaned with a mild spray fabric cleaner. Let the cleaner dry to a powder and brush off residue with a stiff brush. The fabric should be sprayed with a stain guard before first wear and as necessary thereafter.

Other Materials - for advice on how to care for any other materials such as printed or textured leathers, soles, heels, accessories or decorative features please contact


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