Shoe Embassy was established in 2011 and ever since our early beginnings we have blossomed in the trendiest London locations – from Brick Lane to Camden, Spitalfields to Greenwich – and we are still growing!


Shoe Embassy specializes in Ladies shoes that are exclusively handcrafted in Europe from the finest European leather and always one step ahead of the fashion game. The originality of our brand will assure you that you are making one of the best choices of your life while discovering yourself.


The extensive variety means that there is a pair that is just right for you and which you will fall in love with! At first glance you will discover an abundance of unique designs and colours to match your distinctive style. Choosing each pair of your Shoe Embassy shoes will be a delightful affair which will make you yearn for more of this thrilling experience.

Once you have had the privilege of slipping a pair onto your feet, you will feel blissfully comfortable. The softest genuine leather will make you wish to sleep with your Shoe Embassy shoes on and the undeniable value of this sweet indulgence will not let your smile fade away.

We are inspired by the thrill and happiness of our customers. It gives us great pleasure to hear the joyous comments of our dedicated shoppers who speak from the heart for love of the Shoe Embassy brand:

I'm having an affair... It is my second pair.
Exactly what I have been looking for... Comfort, style and value…
I treat my feet. I shop at Shoe Embassy.
I have discovered Shoe Embassy...
I have discovered myself ever since...
Shoe heaven!


It is simple: we create authentic shoes that are charismatic, each with their own exquisite charm while keeping that all-important comfort and premium quality.

We wish you luck in your never-ending leather-clad love affair with Shoe Embassy!


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